Villa Kindergarten


Parents play a very important role in the life of the centre. Staff work hard to build good relationships with all parents, carers and family members. Communication is key and as parents are the main educators of their child it is vital staff and parents work in partnership to share information and ensure each children is given the best possible care and support.

Staff use various methods of communication to ensure everyones needs are met and parents are given as much help, support and information about the nursery and their child.

Here are some of the methods we use at Villa to involve parents and ensure the feel part of the nursery community:-

Daily diaries
Daily discussions at drop off and pick up
Daily activity sheets
Planning wall
Monthly Open Mondays
Updating Policies
Parents Nights
Parents Meetings
Reports to Parents
Notice Boards
Consulting with parents to plan for improvements
Sports Sessions
Transition (Pre-School to Primary)
Grandparents Day


"The villa is a very welcoming and friendly nursery, the staff are amazing not only with the children but parents too. My son has great fun each day he goes, learning something new each day, in a fun enjoyable way that he remembers. Safety is a top priority for them which makes me feel at ease leaving him. I would highly recommend the Villa to everyone, the service they provide is fantastic, the exhausted smile on my sons face at the end of the day proves that for me!"

"We are so happy with the care provided by the staff at Villa.  Our eldest who is now at school loves going in to see the staff as she has such fond memories of her time there and our youngest is learning so much and looks forward to going each week.  I feel that the nursery helps them to develop and grow in all areas and prepares them for going to school."

"I am very impressed with the Villa Kindergarten, the staff are so friendly and have a great relationship with the children. My boys love them all to bits and the older one is always talking about his keyworkers, its lovely to know that he is taking it all in and thinks highly and affectionately of them. The nursery is always striving to improve their facilities and equipment to ensure that the children get the best learning and outdoor activities. I am extremely happy and content to know that my children are in a happy and safe environment and that they are enjoying themselves and learning at the same time. It is very important and reassuring when l go to work that I don't have to worry about the boys. We are also always kept up to date with what is happening in the nursery with the newsletter and seeing the pictures of children is fantastic."

"Friendly, experienced staff.  My child thoroughly enjoys attending the Villa Nursery, has a great group of friends and loves the staff to bits!"

"My daughter loves nursery. She talks about her friends and teachers all the time. Everyone at Villa is very helpful. I am confident that my daughter is well cared for and that she is learning lots of different things and regularly educates me about recycling and saving energy. The manager and staff try and involve parents as much as possible. It's clear that they enjoy their work and they have great relationships with the children. They  always have time for you. There's plenty of information available including monthly newsletters. Villa Kindergarten is a very special place."

"My daughters keyworker is one of the nicest people we have ever met and honestly feel like she is an extension of our family.  The way my daughter and keyworker interact is fab, and they have obviously developed a real relationship. Its such a reassuring feeling to be leaving your baby with someone who knows, cares amd takes an interest in her."
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